Why Us

I.T. Incorporation

Our firm has embraced technology by adopting the enhancements the dynamism of Information Technology. Our firm is connected to state of the art fibre Internet connectivity hence we are logged on the Internet virtually throughout. We remain up to date as we receive daily updates on legal development in various jurisdictions most notably; The Kenya Law, The House of Lords Decisions, The Decisions of The Supreme Court of The United States, The New South Wales, Canada and Other Commonwealth Jurisdictions.

We have subscriptions to Lexis Nexis (Largest Online Legal Resource) and www.Lawafrica.com upon the publications of their law reports. Our I.T capability ensures that distance from our clientele does not compromise our efficiency in Service Delivery and Communication.

Standardised Documents

WE have no reservations in adopting the use of Stardardised documentation in preparation of the various contracts. We are equally willing and able to adapt the said documentation to suit individual circumstances.

Interaction With Corporation In-House Legal Staff

We actively encourage close liaising with our clients' own legal and administrative staff on all matters. Our principal link-persons presently are the staff at Branch level i.e. Advances Managers, Claims Managers and Branch Regional Managers. However, if an efficient network can be established incorporating the staff at a centralised point, this, in our view, can only be an added advantage.

Professional Indemnity

We are presently covered by Fidelity Insurance Company Limited for liability to the extent of Kshs. 200,000,000:00 which cover is extendable on a transaction basis