Charging (Fees) Structure

Our Structure

We have adopted a billing policy presently in accordance with the Advocate Remuneration Order where we request for a deposit of 50% of our scale fee (approximately) at the inception of each stage of each brief for debt collection and litigation matters in addition to initial disbursement.

Conveyancing Matters

In all conveyancing matters, we charge our fees on scale at the conclusion of the transaction in accordance with the Advocate Remuneration Order.

For Insurance

For Insurance defense briefs, we charge initial deposit that is discussed and agreed between parties and nominal reserve on disbursements at the inception of each case to go towards all running costs and we raise our fee-notes at the conclusion of each suit at which point we account for the deposit paid.

On Recovery Actions

On Recovery Actions, court filling fees is called for separately upon filling suit. These fee structure in accordance with the Advocates Remuneration Order is adjustable on our part to each individual situation. Whilst we charge for traveling costs for matters out of station, we do no bill for the extra time spent